Include Metallics in Your Home Decor for a Touch of Class or a Pop of Glitz

I LOVE metallics!

Gold, silver, copper... they're all beautiful. Use them to add a classy touch, or for their glitz effect in your home. Caution though, too much of a good thing can turn beautiful home decor into cheesy decorating.

These silver butterflies on a white wall are a great example of subtle and classy.

Add some fun to a nursery or bedroom with Peel and Stick Wall Dots!

Peel and Stick Wall Dots

Copper on your front door!


Gold over your bed!

Romantic Bedroom Decal


Farmhouse Style Animal Wall Hangings Add Timeless Warmth to Your Home Decor

Do you remember the traditional striped pillow and mattress ticking?
It brings back SO many warm fuzzies for me. My favorite is memories of my Grandmother's big feather mattress. My cousins and I would all pile into bed on a chilly fall evening and cozy down into all that fluff, giggling and laughing until we fell asleep!

 Farm Animals Wall Hangings
Cow & Calf Wall Hanging
Along with my fond memories of the farm I grew up on, I've created my series of farm animals and other original silhouettes and applied them to that traditional navy blue ticking. Pigs, cows, horses, chickens, llama, and more! These wall hangings are not just a digital printed canvas, they're actual stretched fabric with heat-set vinyl silhouettes I design and apply myself.

Adds a wonderful warm touch to a baby nursery, kitchen, or bathroom.

Hang them separately, in pairs, or groups of three or four to make a real impact.

 Farm Animals on Blue Ticking
From Pigs to Bunnies and lots in between!

 Twistmo Cute Calf Wall Hanging
This darling calf would be sweet in a baby's room.

 Expertly Wrapped Canvas Corners
Expertly wrapped corners.

 Wall Hangings by
Handmade by ME,


Love Steampunk? Gears Wall Decals and Coordinating Digital Paper

I love Steampunk! ...where the romance of victorian beauty and the innovation of new inventions collide in the age of steam. 

GEARS are a huge icon of steampunk, representing both the ornate beauty and the grunge of machinery. 

Add a touch of steampunk to your walls, or include it in your scrapbooking and papercrafting.

 Steampunk Wall Decals & Digital Scrapbooking Paper Steampunk Digital Paper & Wall Decals

It's Spring, Love is in the Air

Inspiration is everywhere! There are interesting scenes and subjects to photograph or paint all around us, if we just take the time to look.


What is a Mandala?

All mandala designs shown in this article are my own creations and are available for purchase as wall decals.

I have a whole series of wall decal designs I call Mandalas. But what is a mandala?

For me its simply a way to describe my designs that have a beautiful, mesmerizing, repeating pattern of often intricate and lacy shapes in a circular motion. Other names I use for similar designs are kaleidoscope, pinwheel, and doily.

But there are many more deeper meanings to mandala as can be read in these articles…

Twistmo Original Mandala Designs
The Mandala Project:
The word mandala is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. Loosely translated to mean circle…

Tibetan Healing Mandala
The Tibetan mandala is a tool for gaining wisdom and compassion and generally is depicted as a tightly balanced, geometric composition…
Twistmo Original Mandala Designs
Mandalas have been the focus of meditation, contemplation and admiration for years too numerous to count. Since before the dawn of recorded history, humanity's intimate connection to the mandala has been a vibrant link to our universal ancestry....

More fun Mandala designs…

A Giant Mandala Made From The Logos Of Mega Brands

Mandalas by Three Eye Studio

Mandala Art Plates

Mystical Art of Peace
Twistmo Mandala Car


Hot? My Ice Cream Cone Vinyl Wall Decal Might Make You Feel Cooler

This record hot summer, plus a recent group challenge prompted me to design this gigantic ice cream cone vinyl wall decal. Unlike many of my decals that are only 1 or 2 colors, I couldn't resist having a different color for each scoop flavor. In addition there's chocolate chips (the same color as the chocolate scoop) and even a red cherry for the top. That makes a total of 7 different colors!

Featured Design

Giant Ice Cream Cone
Vinyl Wall Decal

Did You Know?  Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson were known to have regularly eaten and served ice cream. (Wikipedia)
  • My Biggest Design Challenge: Getting the waffle cone to look right. The angle of the intersecting lines had to be just right.
  • My Most Fun Moment: Adding that cherry on top! I had everything designed, I liked it, but when I thought of the cherry, suddenly it came to life for me.
  • Application Rating: Moderate – Take your time planning out your arrangement by taping all the pieces to the wall first. Even though this is seven colors, the pieces have a lot of wiggle room and don't need to match up with each other exactly.
  • Creative Home Decor Uses: Build a theme around ice cream for a playroom. Apply it to a roll-up style blind and use it for a vertical banner, or as a take-it-with-you grow chart. Display it on the wall or window of your ice cream shop.
    Can you think of more fun uses?
  • Just for Fun: This looks delicious – Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Each ice cream scoop, the cone, the cherry, and the chocolate chips, are separate decals. You can assemble them in any creative way you want.

Here's a couple of Ideas...
Ice Cream Cone Vinyl Wall Decal

I love the way the ice cream scoops, cherry, and chocolate chips are in motion. 
Don't you have the urge to try to catch them before they hit the floor?

Ice Cream Cone Vinyl Wall Decal 

This arrangement of the ice cream cone would be great for a grow chart 
in your kids playroom. At 7 feet tall, they'd certainly never out grow it! 
Unless you have a really really tall family. LOL

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I'll show you the best of my original designs and give you fun details and facts.
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Till next time! -- Lori Lee